Ashley Blocker ART
The essence of my artwork is expressed through the creation process and strongly inspired by
Asian Philosophy. My educational background and presence in the art scene is something that
allows me to bring more awareness to others by helping them gain a new perspective. I enjoy
inspiring others by allowing music and interactions to flow harmoniously while live painting. I
regularly work with artists, hanging and handling their work or making high quality art prints for
them. My attention to detail allows me to work well with others, especially in communication,
upholding responsibility, as well as keeping a positive attitude.

After moving to Denver in 2015, Ashley began renegade painting which led to her passion to become a live painter. Her love for experimentation in art and life throughout the years has guided her art from realism to visionary art. An important part of what drives her in life is inspiring and helping others to make art in order to gain further awareness and overall create a ripple in the world.