Ashley Blocker Art

"The essence of my artwork is expressed through the creation process and strongly inspired by Asian Philosophy."
After moving to Denver in 2015, I attended UCDenver for Fine Arts; after creating every day and spending most of my time thinking about art, I began renegade painting, which led to my passion of becoming a live painter. My educational background plus my presence in the art scene has allowed me to connect with others and bring more awareness by showing them a new perspective. I can tell that I inspire others by allowing music and interactions to flow harmoniously even while talking. My love for experimentation in art and life throughout the years has guided me from realism to visionary art plus everything in between. An important part of what drives me in life is inspiring others to make art and to overall create a ripple in the world. 

In 2018, I graduated with my BFA and continued to take digital animation classes. I began working with galleries and music venues as a curator and gallery assistant. Majority of my art career has progress by hard work, skill, and word of mouth success. I've built my reputation around being an artist who brings everyone together.

Today, I regularly work with artists, hanging and handling their work or making high quality art prints. I love to collaborate and be challenged with new opportunities. I consistently create every day as well as push my boundaries with new commissions.